Emo Carpet

Why Buy Carpet From Us?
Our sales team take the time to learn our customer's lifestyle and use this information to help the customer make the correct decisions for the type of carpet to select. Then our Operations Manager creates a relationship with the customer while scheduling a professional installer to install the carpet. Our installers will show up on time and complete the job in the allotted time that was discussed. The end result is a happy customer.

Why Carpet?
Carpet provides warmth to a room and can last a long time if a maintenance routine is followed that is provided by the manufacturer. Carpet also can be part of a design and EMO has a large selection of these carpets. It has also been proven that clean carpet will trap air borne allergens making it a good choice for customers will allergies.

Carpet is an outstanding sound absorptive material. When properly selected, carpet absorbs airborne noise as efficiently as many specialized acoustical materials. Impact sound transmission to rooms below is an acoustical advantage that becomes obvious as soon as carpet is installed over previously hard-surfaced floors. The pronounced “hush” is striking. No other acoustical material performs the dual role of a floor covering and a versatile acoustical aid.

Customers chose carpet over other flooring types for may reasons. It could be design, color, or like the way it feels on their feet. Carpet is unlike other flooring and just creates a relaxed welcome environment.

History of Carpet
Decades ago carpet became popular just so color could be introduced throughout the home. By the 1970's wall to wall carpet was the popular choice. Vinyl and tile eventually replaced carpets in the dining rooms and bathrooms during the 1990's. These days customers have more carpet choices than ever before. Even though hard surface is getting popular, bedrooms, living rooms, and stairs are the most popular choices for carpet.

What needs to be considered when choosing between different carpeting options?
 Color needs to be considered when picking out different caret. Mid-tone carpets show less debris than darker toned carpets. If the carpet is to be installed in the living room or the children’s room, then mid-tone will be a wise color choice simply because it will reduce the need to vacuum daily.

Style is the other consideration when choosing carpet. Consider the practicality and visual appeal of the particular style of carpet. A dense cut-and-loop style is very affordable and durable. This is a good choice for high traffic areas, such as offices and hallways. The trackless style is suitable for any room because it reflects light in a manner that helps to hide tracks in the carpet. If you are looking for a luxurious look and feel, choose a carpet that provides warmth and is plush underfoot. Keep in mind that foot tracks will show and this type of carpet is thus best suited for low traffic rooms in the house, guest rooms, main bedrooms, and the formal lounge.

About Carpet Installation
EMO flooring will remove your old carpet and pad before installation. We also provide a detailed savings if the customer would like to do tear up themselves. Once the floor has been swept or vacuumed, our installers will install new pad and begin the carpet install. The average install per day is between 75-100 yards per day. Carpet installation should be left to the pros as they have the correct tools and install the carpet to the manufacturer's specifications that will keep the warranty in tact.

EMO flooring will take up and haul away your old carpet for a reasonable charge.

Carpet Care
Carpet manufacturers have detailed information about there warranty online. We recommend carpets to be professional cleaned every 18 months. (Keep your receipts just in case they are needed for any warranty concerns).